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July 24, 2013

I Have a Dream

by Matt Ulrich

StadiumNo one wants to follow a leader who is going nowhere.

Leaders need to have vision, passion, and conviction.  Unction from the Holy Spirit.   A resolve to move forward regardless the cost.  Those are the leaders worth following.  So the question on the table is: what’s your vision for your microchurch?  Do you dream about it coming to pass?  Would you take a bullet for that dream?  Would you follow yourself if you were a member of your microchurch and not the leader?

Have you given your members a dream and vision worth giving themselves to?

Most microchurch leaders are sleeping giants.  Many are unaware of the world changing potential the they possess.  One of the most powerful things that a microchurch leader can do is to dream and have a vision for where the Lord wants to take his/her microchurch.  For me, I have a dream of multiplying my microchurch at least once a year for the rest of my life.  I have a dream of filling the entire Ben Hill Griffin Stadium where the Florida Gators play with tens of thousands of disciples who have made disciples who have made disciples… all of which started in my microchurch and expanded in and through the microchurches we multiplied out of ours.  I have a dream of personally discipling 500 men before I die who will then continue that discipleship legacy long after I’m gone.

I have a dream… and I will fulfill it.

I make it a habit of sharing that dream with my microchurch regularly.  I want them to catch the vision that the Lord has given me and I want that to ignite their souls for discipleship and multiplication.  I want them to get it because it burns deep inside of me.  I am willing and am giving my life for this.  I can look them in the eye and with everything I am say “This is where we are going.  This is where the Lord is leading.”

A vision is powerful.  It can change the trajectory of a man or woman’s life.  It can bring life to all who come in contact with it.  And a vision is essential for any microchurch leader to thrive and for their microchurch to be all that God intended it to be.

What’s your dream?

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