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June 25, 2013

Too Busy To Make Disciples?

by Matt Ulrich

Disciples“I’m too busy.”

This is the American badge of honor.  Don’t believe me? Ask ten people how they are doing and I bet the majority of them will say they are really busy.  Why?  In our American culture, we have equated a busy lifestyle with an important one.  If you aren’t doing something then you aren’t valuable.  Busyness has become a cultural virtue and a way of life.

But this is not the Kingdom way.

Jesus never called us to be busy.  He did, however, call us to action.  We have been commissioned to make disciples.  Most people, however, will say they do not have time for discipleship because their life is too busy, but as microchurch leaders we have to relinquish that cultural misnomer.

Time has become the most important currency of our lives; we need to start using it for the things that matter most. 

According to Jesus, disciples making was so important it was the last thing He wanted us to hear from His mouth before He ascended into heaven (Matthew 28:19-20).  And in a very busy world, we need to make time for making disciples.  The key in this equation is the word intentionality.  We have to be intentional with the things that we are already doing!

I am convinced that with just a little bit of intentionality in what you do already you can easily become an effective disciple maker.  Discipleship is not about more meetings throughout the week, it is more about bringing people along with what you are already doing.  If this is the angle we take, then we are never too busy to make disciples because you are simply inviting people into your life and walk with Jesus.  If you are already seeking the Lord in the mornings, bring someone from your microchurch along with you.  If you are memorizing Scripture, start doing that with others.  If you are going to your kid’s soccer game, invite someone you are discipling to come watch with you on the sidelines.  Having dinner with your family?  Invite your disciple(s) to come eat with you once a week!!  Some of the most impactful discipleship moments of my life were when I was living life with people, not in a classroom or necessarily on a Sunday morning.

Microchurch leaders, you have so much more to give then you give yourself credit for!!  You don’t have to be perfect to make disciples, you just have to be willing.

So don’t buy into the lie that you are too busy to make disciples.  And if you are, then maybe it’s time to re-prioritize…

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