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Microchurch Isn’t Just Once a Week…

ConnectedSome of the most impactful moments with my microchurch don’t happen at microchurch. Well, at least not on Tuesday night when we have our official microchurch meeting. Some of the best God/community/mission moments happen when a handful of us pray together on Thursday mornings each week, or when Tracy and I have a couple over for dinner Saturday night to talk through their marriage, or when I call someone to share a prophetic word I have for them and they break down crying because they really needed to hear what the Lord was wanting to tell them.

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The Best Leaders Never Lead

Baton PassSounds crazy right?  But it’s true: the best leaders never lead.  They don’t lead opening prayers at microchurch, they don’t lead worship, they don’t do the Bible studies, or even follow up with all their members throughout the week.

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