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Best practice when inviting a new person to your microchurch so that they actually come!

Make Connections Before the Microchurch, By Danely Martinez

As microchurch leaders, we have set apart at least a day each week where we are intentionally gathering together with others to draw nearer to God, living lives on mission, in community, empowered by the Holy Spirit for good works. And part of your vision is to see the group grow in discipleship, increase in numbers, and multiply out into new groups. Therefore, we must personally invite people and empower our members to do the same in order to see growth. However, inviting is ineffective if we’ve failed to win them over to ourselves first. If they don’t really know you, or haven’t gotten the opportunity to like you, then their chances of visiting your group are slim and you will find them making excuses for why they can’t come.    Read more


Goal Setting

Goals. Some of us love and live by them; others of us hate even the mention of the word. But history and study after study have shown that those who set goals are wildly more successful than those who do not. A study was done in 1953 on Yale graduates proves this point: these individuals were the cream of the crop, graduating from one of the top universities in the nation. But there was an amazing stat: 3% of these Yale graduates earned far more money then all other 97% put together.

What was the difference?

Read more


I Have a Dream

No one wants to follow a leader who is going nowhere.

Leaders need to have vision, passion, and conviction.  Unction from the Holy Spirit.   A resolve to move forward regardless the cost.  Those are the leaders worth following.  So the question on the table is: what’s your vision for your microchurch?  Do you dream about it coming to pass?  Would you take a bullet for that dream?  Would you follow yourself if you were a member of your microchurch and not the leader? Read more


The Holiday Battle

The holidays are some of the best times of the year; great food, family, friends, time off and time alone. It is a chance to check out from your regular crazy schedule. But one thing that good microchurch leaders never do is check out from their time with Jesus. Read more »


How to Deal with Problem Members

If you are a microchurch leader, you have had this happen; you are having a great night and then all the sudden one person completely sidetracks the entire evening by putting the focus exclusively on them.  It doesn’t matter what you were talking about, praying about, or doing… they craved the spotlight and tried shut everything else down so the focus would be on them.  So what do you do when you have a member of your microchurch that is completely (and sometimes regularly) throwing your microchurch off track? Read more


Apprenticing Like Paul: The Bigger Picture

Paul was a genius church planter and disciple maker. Why? Because he always had vision for the people around him. He wasn’t just filling ministry positions in the churches he planted; he was helping people walk in their God given purpose and helping people to “live lives worthy of the calling they received” as he penned in Ephesians 4:2.   Great microchurch leaders have that same type of vision, and this month we are going to talk through how to create this type of visionary culture in your microchurch, starting with your apprentice! Read more »


Purpose Driven Vision

In light of your giftings, passions, experiences, vision, and in the context of the season of life you are in, how is God mobilizing you to move forward with the vision? What would you give your life for? And how are you creating healthy, sustainable rhythms to fuel this passion lest it morph into a religious obligation?

You do what you have to do out of obligation,

You do what you want from passion! Read more »


Spiritual Discernment & Deliverance

By Renee Handtke

Have you had a nightmare that woke you up and you knew something evil was present? Ever been been gripped by a paralyzing fear? Has there been times where your mind was suddenly bombarded with thoughts like, “you are going to . . . get in a car accident . . . . be attacked . . . become sick . . . lose your job . . . have no money. . . or. . . overwhelmed by a bad relationship?” When this happens, what in the world is going on? This simply doesn’t make logical sense! It’s absurd!

But, is it? Read more »


Two Heads Are Really Better Than One: Tips for Co-Leading, By Danely Jimenez

All of us have a desire to see the Gospel of grace transform the lives of everyone who attends our microchurch. In fact, at the end of the day, it’s Christ’s love that compels us to do what we do and we gladly and intentionally invest time in preparation and prayer for the men and women who come to our microchurch. For those of you who may be co-leading, are you desiring the same for your co-leader or has investing time together become more of a “business relationship” in preparation for microchurch? We are going to take a look at some tips and some things to consider when it comes to co-leading in order to maximize the benefits of this co-leadership relationship. And for those who are not currently co-leading, please don’t tune out because the Kingdom of God is not for the soloist. Hopefully in some way you are sharing the platform, as we always want to be empowering and raising apprentices to not only lead with us, but surpass us! Read more »


Incorporating Missions Into Your Microchurch

Microchurches – Grassroots Mission Bases

Microchurches are a major aspect of our church. In fact, microchurches are fully functioning churches. When a microchurch of believers are coming together under the banner of worship, mission, and community, the church is expressed. Microchurches are essential to empowering God’s people in mission. They are not meant to create new comfort zones for people. Rather, they possess the potential for emboldening believers to go beyond their comfort zones and to do things they never imagined themselves doing. Read more »