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Best practice when inviting a new person to your microchurch so that they actually come!

Make Connections Before the Microchurch, By Danely Martinez

As microchurch leaders, we have set apart at least a day each week where we are intentionally gathering together with others to draw nearer to God, living lives on mission, in community, empowered by the Holy Spirit for good works. And part of your vision is to see the group grow in discipleship, increase in numbers, and multiply out into new groups. Therefore, we must personally invite people and empower our members to do the same in order to see growth. However, inviting is ineffective if we’ve failed to win them over to ourselves first. If they don’t really know you, or haven’t gotten the opportunity to like you, then their chances of visiting your group are slim and you will find them making excuses for why they can’t come.    Read more