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Cultivating an Atmosphere of Worship

WorshipWorship.  It is not just the songs we sing on Sunday.  It is not just something religious that is done during large group gatherings.  Everyone is a worshiper, whether you are a follower of Jesus or not.  The real question is not if you worship, but what you worship.

With all that being said, there are still times when worship (songs and praise directed towards God) can help to cultivate and facilitate lifestyles and even microchurches that maintain a continual, worshipful gaze with their eyes fixed firmly on Jesus.  So how do we set a worshipful tone within the context of our microchurch?  What does that look like week to week?  How do we keep worship fresh?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Here are a few pointers on how to keep worship vibrant and impactful in the context of your microchurch.    Read more »


Leaving a Discipleship Legacy


What a powerful word.  It is what is left of you when you are gone.  It represents your life effort and the effectiveness of how well you pulled it off.   I believe one of the most important questions that is going to be asked on judgment day as we stand before Jesus is, “How many disciples did you make?”  So let me ask you a personal question; how many disciples have you made up to this point in your life?  I am not talking about how many spiritual conversations you had or how many times you sort of helped someone out.  That wasn’t the question. Read more »


I Have a Dream

StadiumNo one wants to follow a leader who is going nowhere.

Leaders need to have vision, passion, and conviction.  Unction from the Holy Spirit.   A resolve to move forward regardless the cost.  Those are the leaders worth following.  So the question on the table is: what’s your vision for your microchurch?  Do you dream about it coming to pass?  Would you take a bullet for that dream?  Would you follow yourself if you were a member of your microchurch and not the leader? Read more »