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The Art of Counseling (Part 2/2) by Renee Handtke

CounselingTrue Christian ministry will always center on grace flooding the heart so that lives are changed and problems are actively solved. One of the best ways to help people is NOT solving their problems for them, but pointing them in the right direction of God’s grace and truth. The individual we are trying to help may or may not have caused the problem, but if they relate to it the wrong way, they will most certainly make it worse. Life has a way of bringing out what’s really in us, and that is where the grace of God comes in.

In part two of this series, we want to look at solution-based counseling. Read more »


The Art of Counseling (Part 1/2)

CounselingCounseling is a craft that people spend years cultivating through schooling and experience.  There are, however, some specific issues that require counseling that will inevitably come up that you as a microchurch leader will have to field.  With that in mind, we want to give you a few pointers of how to handle some tough counseling situations that you are bound to run in to as a microchurch leader and where to go from there: Read more »