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March 21, 2013

Small Deposits, Massive Returns

by Matt Ulrich

DepsoitEveryone loves the thought of investing a small amount and watching it yield massive returns.  It just feels good.  It feels like you’re #winning.  There are small deposits that leaders can do that are going to yield large gains in your microchurch as well.

Here is a short list of small deposits that yield massive returns:

1. Delegate. It is as easy as asking someone to help.  Don’t see this as dumping the stuff you hate on someone else.  Recognize their giftings and look at delegation as a way to empower that person.  If you are not a shepherd, then delegate the shpeherding duties to the shepherds in your group.  They are waiting for you to ask.

2. Seeking the Lord together. This is hands down one of the most fruitful things you can do with your MC members.  Invite them into your time with the Lord.  I do this twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite my MC to come seek the Lord with me in the morning.  We all get together, pray and read the Bible on our own for 40 minutes, and then come together to corporately pray together for 20 minutes or so.  It is amazing to see how the Lord shows up every week.  Not only are you building intimate community, but you are teaching your MC how to engage with the Word, through prayer, and in hearing the voice of God.  This pays massive dividends in so many ways.

3. Follow Up. This will take you 10 minutes the morning after your group but is a key part of being a good MC leader.  People want to go somewhere where they feel like they belong.  That they were missed when they were not there.  That they are part of the family.  Contacting them when they were not there or after the first time they check your MC out is a huge investment into your MC members.  Send them a text, give them a call, write them an email.  It goes a long way in making them feel like part of the family and not just an attender.

4. Invite members into your everyday life.  Discipleship is caught, not taught.  When people see you being a disciple in everyday life, they learn a lot.  When you are at home with your spouse and kids: that is a discipleship moment.  When you have a bad waiter and you tip them well anyways: that is a discipleship moment.  When you are taking a walk in your neighborhood and strike up an evangelistic conversation with one of your neighbors: you guessed it, a discipleship moment.  These moments will only be capitalized on for discipleship if someone is there with you!  Listen, you are already doing these things so simply invite some of your MC members to live life with you outside your specific MC night.  Let discipleship be who you are, not just an evening of your week!

The list goes on and on… feel free to comment if you have another you would like to add!

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