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Too Busy To Make Disciples?

Disciples“I’m too busy.”

This is the American badge of honor.  Don’t believe me? Ask ten people how they are doing and I bet the majority of them will say they are really busy.  Why?  In our American culture, we have equated a busy lifestyle with an important one.  If you aren’t doing something then you aren’t valuable.  Busyness has become a cultural virtue and a way of life.

But this is not the Kingdom way. Read more »


Small Deposits, Massive Returns

DepsoitEveryone loves the thought of investing a small amount and watching it yield massive returns.  It just feels good.  It feels like you’re #winning.  There are small deposits that leaders can do that are going to yield large gains in your microchurch as well.

Here is a short list of small deposits that yield massive returns: Read more »