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And the Lord Added to their Number…

Why aren’t more new faces coming to our microchurch? Even though microchurches are communicated from the pulpit and information is easily accessible on the website and in each campus lobby area, there is one consistent thing you can do as a leader that actually gets people there. National surveys consistently demonstrate that 80-90% of those who visit a church function and those who confess Jesus do so because of this.  What is it?   Read more »


Kingdom Hospitality in Microchurch

Last year an unbeliever was invited to one of our Greenhouse microchurches.  He agreed to come, even though he didn’t really know what to expect.  On the ride home afterwards, he asked a beautiful question to the microchurch member that was driving him home: “So is this what heaven is supposed to be like?”   Read more »


Maximizing the Scriptures

We affirm the Bible. Its authority to rule and govern our lives must be apparent. This needs to be taught in our microchurches so that people understand and experience the Word in ways that draw them into the story of God. We want to help others dissect the scriptures in a way that leads to healthy and changed lives! So how do we do this? This month, we are going to focus on a few ways: Read more »


The Art of Counseling (Part 2/2) by Renee Handtke

CounselingTrue Christian ministry will always center on grace flooding the heart so that lives are changed and problems are actively solved. One of the best ways to help people is NOT solving their problems for them, but pointing them in the right direction of God’s grace and truth. The individual we are trying to help may or may not have caused the problem, but if they relate to it the wrong way, they will most certainly make it worse. Life has a way of bringing out what’s really in us, and that is where the grace of God comes in.

In part two of this series, we want to look at solution-based counseling. Read more »


The Art of Counseling (Part 1/2)

CounselingCounseling is a craft that people spend years cultivating through schooling and experience.  There are, however, some specific issues that require counseling that will inevitably come up that you as a microchurch leader will have to field.  With that in mind, we want to give you a few pointers of how to handle some tough counseling situations that you are bound to run in to as a microchurch leader and where to go from there: Read more »


Keys to a Great Discussion (Part 2/2)

discussionThe key to a great discussion does not always have to do with the actual discussion.  It is usually on point because of the environment that the leader creates that makes it memorable and good.  Here are a few tips on how to set the tone and make what can be a very bland and mundane Bible conversation into a vibrant discussion: Read more »


Keys to a Great Discussion (Part 1/2)

discussion Ever wonder how to facilitate a great discussion at your microchurch?  There are definitely strategies for keeping the teaching and discussion engaging, effective, and fruitful.  Here are a few tips to help you and your microchurch maximize the discussion time that you have each week! Read more »


The Holiday Battle


The holidays are some of the best times of the year; great food, family, friends, time off and time alone. It is a chance to check out from your regular crazy schedule. But one thing that good microchurch leaders never do is check out from their time with Jesus. Read more »


Creating a Culture of Honor

honorgodWhat is honor, what does it look like, and how do you create a culture of honor within your microchurch?

Honor. It is not just to respect those in authority, or to recognize those who have made a significant accomplishment. This should be a given. But as a follower of Jesus it is much more. Honor starts with humility and becomes a lifestyle. Read more »


Shutting the Back Door: Retaining Members at Your Microchurch

Back DoorHow do you get members to remain consistent? How do you ensure visitors stick? Here are some practical steps on how to close the back door in your microchurch! : Read more »