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January 28, 2013

Invitation to the Supernatural

by Matt Ulrich

FlameI’ve always been drawn to see God do something special, dramatic, or downright miraculous in people’s lives.  Do you feel this way?  We read the life of Jesus and it seemed pretty normal for him.  But, then again, it became normal for those men and women who followed him as well.  Certainly that’s what we begin to see in the Book of Acts.

In my microchurch, Phil and I are talking about what it means to be a disciple, someone who wants to follow Jesus and do what He did.  He prayed, obeyed, and things were happening all around him.  People hearing the truth for the first time, others getting healed, demons fleeing out of people and out of situations.  As we talked about this in our group, we discovered that others were just as hungry for that as well.  We read the passages in the Bible that talked about being a disciple or a believer.  Amazing what those passages reveal.  No special training required.  No ministry decree at the Pharisaical school of Theology.  Rather, it was faith, obedience, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Maybe, just maybe, we could do this!  Maybe, we could exercise our faith muscle and pray righteous, effective and powerful prayers.  It begins with believing that Jesus wants his church, that’s us, representing him on the earth in power.  As our microchurch is diving into this topic I am praying for something special, dramatic and downright miraculous to occur!

Begin to ask God for the same thing in your microchurch.  There are people attending that need to be encouraged in their gifts.  As a microchurch leader purposely talk about the gifts and then allow time for people to use them!  Explain how you think this should happen or demonstrate this yourself.  What you want to create is an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to flow and help others seek after this.  God always shows up when He is invited!

– Renee Handtke

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