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December 18, 2012


The Best Leaders Never Lead

by Matt Ulrich

Baton PassSounds crazy right?  But it’s true: the best leaders never lead.  They don’t lead opening prayers at microchurch, they don’t lead worship, they don’t do the Bible studies, or even follow up with all their members throughout the week.

Why is this something we champion?

Because MC leaders who “aren’t doing anything” have equipped the saints to get in touch with their giftings and do it for them.  If you have shepherds, train them up and then release them into your group to do follow up, lead accountability times, and welcome new people.  If you have teachers, release them to lead your MC as they dig into the Word and let that passion infect the group.  Give your apostles something new to create, let your evangelists stir up the MC for mission, and give the prophets a chance to stir up spiritual hunger.

Encourage, equip, and empower them to do what God has given them a passion to do and then get out of the way!  It is amazing what happens when the body comes alive and how much easier it is for you to not have the weight of the MC on your shoulders.  So be a good leader… and stop leading.

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  1. TT
    Aug 14 2013

    wow, I just discovered this site. great stuff!

    • Aug 14 2013

      Thanks! We appreciate you checking the blog out!


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