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The Bourne Leader

BourneThe Bourne Identity was a great movie.  Jason Bourne was a secret agent that was part of an experimental government test that enhanced his natural abilities, allowing him to be one of the best spies/agents ever.  He saw things that no one else saw and did things that no one else would think of doing in certain situations… the best microchurch leaders have this “Bourne edge” to them; able to perceive things and lead the microchurch in a way that not many see but in a way that benefits everyone and enhances every members’ microchurch experience.  Here are a few tips to subtly enhancing your skills as a microchurch leader that no one will even notice you are doing but will increase the quality of your microchurch! Read more »


How to Fail Well as a Leader

Failure as a LeaderHey microchurch leader, here’s a newsflash; you’re going to fail… probably pretty bad at some point.  And the worst part is it is going to be an idea you really thought was going to be amazing.  So what do you do in those situations?  Embracing the inevitable failure is a good first step, but how you perceive failure and what you do with it is far more important.  Here are three quick things that if you know, you can kick failure in the face and come out on top (even though you already blew it):

The Early Church Secret

imageEvery living thing on this earth is designed to reproduce.   Trees reproduce more trees.  Fish reproduce more fish. Humans reproduce more humans.  Life gives birth to new life.  It reproduces.  It multiplies.

As microchurch leaders, we should see this as no different regarding spiritual DNA.   Disciples reproduce disciples.  Healthy microchurches reproduce other healthy microchurches.  Multiplication is the natural by-product of growth and the way DNA is transferred from one generation to the next.  Paul puts it like this: Read more »