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September 3, 2015

Maximizing the Scriptures

by danelyj

We affirm the Bible. Its authority to rule and govern our lives must be apparent. This needs to be taught in our microchurches so that people understand and experience the Word in ways that draw them into the story of God. We want to help others dissect the scriptures in a way that leads to healthy and changed lives! So how do we do this? This month, we are going to focus on a few ways:

It’s good to think ahead and begin to pray about what topic you want to discuss with your microchurch. Planning a topical study, focusing on a biblical character, or diving into one of the books of the Bible requires preparation and research. We want to lead others to love reading the Word and that starts with us having a contagious hunger for studying the Word ourselves!

As leaders, we want to crush the following misnomers:

  • That God’s Word will “magically” help us by just picking out verse without taking the time to study in context
  • That Biblical understanding is the job of a pastor who needs to explain it to us and tell us what to believe
  • That it’s too hard to understand what we are reading, so why even try?

Here a some ways to expound upon the Bible in a way that can draw your microchurch members in to a better and deeper understanding of Biblical truth!

The Inductive Method of Bible Study is a way to disciple your group. This happens in three stages of Bible study

    1. Answers the question: What does the passage say?


  • Answers the question: What does the passage mean?



  • Answers the question: How can I apply this truth to my life?



You can walk through this method with your group. Take a passage, break it down into these three components and have them write their observation, interpretation, and application. You may want to assign another passage for your group to do alone and have them bring it back the next time you meet for Group Discussion. This will foster a lively dialogue since they had time to prepare, think on it, and figure out what God was saying to them. For a more detailed look at Inductive Bible Study Methods, email Pastor Matt at

Studying a Bible Character is another approach to lesson planning.

  • Select the person you want to study and look up every reference. Use a good Bible dictionary or exhaustive concordance.
  • Write a biographical sketch or brief summary of the person. List family association, influences, where he or she lived, and governing authorities at that time, occupation, losses or achievements.
  • Select a Key Verse(s).  For example, Heb 11:7, “By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.”
  • Look for Problems. Note what may be confusing about the person or how God dealt with them.
  • We want to learn from our subjects. This will help us apply a principle or characteristic that needs to be developed.

Questions for microchurch leaders:

    1. What can you do to help encourage those attending your Microchurch to open the Bible and study it?


  • How do you instill a passion and desire for the Word both in and out of microchurch?




 1. provides Sermon Discussion Guides for Microchurches to use.

 2. Gordon D. Fee, “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth” is an invaluable resource for good, hermeneutical study of the Bible.


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