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March 5, 2014

Strength in Numbers: Microchurch Collaboration

by Matt Ulrich

Stone wallPart of the beauty of the microchurch movement is that each microchurch is a unique expression of  the body of Christ.  But what happens when there is a gift, wisdom, or even a type of outreach that  is needed that may not be expressed in the microchurch you are in?    If that is the case, then it may be time to reach outwards and partner with other microchurches (or a macro expression of church) to ensure that the fullness of the body of Christ is being properly utilized.  Here are some reasons why creating a culture of collaboration will benefit not only your microchurch but the ones you reach out to as well:

1. Collaboration Prevents You From Reinventing the Wheel

Even if you have apostolic tendencies, odds are you aren’t the first one to think of the idea you have.  Someone else has probably done it already and done it really well!  Glean from them.  There are a lot of microchurches that have done some pretty amazing things in regards to worship, outreach, and community that you can learn from.  Some of my best MC nights were ideas that I heard other leaders doing and I simply implemented it in the context of my MC.  No shame in that game; it’s simply Kingdom collaboration!

There are also things that the macrochurch is doing that you can jump in on as well.  One example is IMPACT, our local outreach ministry.  Click here and take a look at this IMPACT list and all the stuff going on and I am sure you could probably find something to get your microchurch to partner up with if you are looking for outreach opportunities! Again, no need to start something up if there is already something in place that is doing it well.

2. Other MCs Have Wisdom and Gifts That Yours May Not

Let’s be honest; you can’t do it all and your microchurch is not perfect.  There are some elements of discipleship that may be lacking or could be refined.  It is not a bad thing to admit this, but it is a really bad thing when you deny it.  There are MCs that have age and wisdom that your microchurch may need.  There are other MCs with passions that can start a fire in your microchurch for a specific cause (outreach for example) or a specific gift (prophecy as another example) that other microchurches in the Greenhouse live for and are willing and able to teach you and your MC.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.  Own it and take the posture of a humble learner; that is a great discipleship model that you can teach the members of your microchurch just by having others come and teach!

Pray through how your microchurch could collaborate with other microchurches to further the Kingdom!  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. What gifts and abilities has the Lord given our microchurch that stand out among the rest?  What do we have to bring to the table in regards to collaboration?

2. Are there specific elements of living in the green or discipleship that we are lacking? 

3.  Do you know of any other microchurch leaders who could help you and your microchurch to grow in these areas?

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