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Keys to a Great Discussion (Part 2/2)

discussionThe key to a great discussion does not always have to do with the actual discussion.  It is usually on point because of the environment that the leader creates that makes it memorable and good.  Here are a few tips on how to set the tone and make what can be a very bland and mundane Bible conversation into a vibrant discussion: Read more »


Keys to a Great Discussion (Part 1/2)

discussion Ever wonder how to facilitate a great discussion at your microchurch?  There are definitely strategies for keeping the teaching and discussion engaging, effective, and fruitful.  Here are a few tips to help you and your microchurch maximize the discussion time that you have each week! Read more »


Leading a Vibrant Discussion

DiscussionHave you ever had a life-changing topic that has been burning inside of you and as a leader you are about to explode with excitement to share?!?  In your head you envision life transformation happening before your eyes as people dialogue and unpack amazing truth and have multiple “ah-ha!” moments and leave thanking you for this amazing evening… but when you throw out that initial question to the room of 8-25 people in your microchurch, the only thing you hear is crickets.  Or it ends up being derailed and turned into a dialogue between the two people in the room with the strongest opinions that took the topic way off track.

Let’s never have another night like that… ever. Read more »